Sexy text ideas?

I just slept with this guy for the first time a couple days ago who has been pursuing me for awhile. He's really sweet and I like him a lot. He and I have been busy this last week a lot but I want to see him soon. Does anyone have any good ideas what to text him? Like I can't just say, when are we sleeping together next haha but I want to be playful. Thanks!


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  • "Been thinking about the last time we were together... can't wait to see you again."

    • That's perfect, thanks!

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  • Ohhhhh the booty call initiation 😬 honestly you just gotta be bold!!! 😏 I push myself lol takes me a while to hit send but it's worth it at the end hehe.. just hit him with a "Haven't stopped thinking about the other night 😘 When will you let me see you again?" Hehe good luck!! We're all grown!


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  • I like to use something along the lines of
    "You've been in my innapropriate thoughts ;)" or if he texts you with the typical "What're you doing this weekend/later?" I like to respond with a "You? ;)"

    Gets the point across without just saying it. Although you could just be blunt about wanting him again. ... most guys won't mind that lol

  • There's a spider in my room, and I think you'd be perfect to kill it. Or I just finished watching a scary movie, I need to cuddle. Or- Us together is trouble, do you want to make trouble again? Or, I just got out of the shower, and want to relax, want to come on over for wine and movie?