How do I get a date for prom? tickets go on sale in 2-3 weeks and a lot of people already have dates. HELP!!

I asked someone a few weeks ago and he said yes and changed his mind 2 days later via text so I wanna punch him in the face. And my friend talked to someone else for me today but he already has a date. What do I do?!?!?! :(


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  • well not everyone who goes to proms these days has formal dates anymore and it can be perectly ok to just go with your girlfriends if that is an option . or you could try and find a guy who would be your prom date and nothing more after prom was over .


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  • Well you and your friends should all just go together :) so there won't be any embarrassment. And if you go with your friends you can dance with other people without making one jealous (or maybe purposely.) but I really don't know what to tell you about finding a date...