Should I start talking to this girl?

I'm 14 years old and I know this girl from 2 years ago and I always used to hang out with her after school (play football etc.) and I kinda liked her (we had so many things in common), but never really had the balls to ask her for her number. After a while I moved school and we never really hung out anymore because we didn't have any way to contact eachother. Recently she moved to my school and I see her everyday but she's alwayd moving classes when I do get the chance. Recently I found her on insta, and I don't know if I should follow her (and get in touch with her), or if it's too awkward?


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  • Just start casual and see where it goes... I would def make contact first, reconnect, then move onto social media, etc. But, first things first... you need to start a convo with her. Good luck!!

  • Slide in her DM's boiii.

  • No wait for her to do it


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