Missed chance, did I do the right thing letting him go?

When I was 16 I was in love with a guy for 2 years in high school. We never dated as there was always bad timing so we parted ways when school finished.

When I was 21, he contacted me but I wasn't single. I stayed up all night emailing him and confessed I never forgot him at school and had kept his emails.

I met up with him to get some closure. I let him go as I was scared of getting hurt again. I stayed with my boyfriend as I wasn't going to end a relationship over a one day reunion with my old crush.

A recent death of an old school friend has triggered off my feelings. I had been fine without him until now. He has been married for 2 years with a child but keeps looking me up on social media. I think his marriage may be in trouble as his wife and her sister looked me up too, so they must have seen his browsing history.

I am 32 and single now but for some reason 11 years later I regret letting him go. By him looking me up all the time is not helping me move on.

Did I do the right thing to let him go?


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What Guys Said 2

  • I guess it doesn't matter now, unless there is something you can do, like blocking him. Sometimes when you accept somethings will never happen you can be at peace.

  • everthing happens for a reason. whether its good or bad there is a lesson for you to take away from it. he may just want to look you up to stay friends.


What Girls Said 1

  • Yes you did