Was it bad that we made out on the first date?

i met a guy a few days ago, he's a really well known theatre actor in this city, i went to see him, my best friend introduced us and a few days later he asked me to go watch a play, after that he took me to dinner and for some wine, after that we went dancing, (we talked a lot) then we walked to the nearest beach and there he kissed me with a lot of passion, it was a really hot makeup, and i don't know if it was wrong of me to let him kiss me like that, but i did want it, its just people may see it as "easy"


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  • Nope, not at all. I'm glad you both enjoyed yourselves 😊

    • you're a guy, what i want to know is what he wants, i mean he picked me up from work tonight and waited for me until i was done (which was an hour) walked me home and then at my door, he then again kissed me really passionately so i don't know if its all about the kissing

    • he also invited me to the theatre tomoroow but what else to expect, i sound silly but it worries me that he might only want those sexy moments by the end of the night

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  • nonono don t worry
    be happy you had a great time, just enjoy yourself while being always careful ;p


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  • I kissed on a first date too which then turned into my first and only relationship for 2 years. Its not wrong to enjoy yourself. If thats what you really want to do, don't have any shame and go for it.

  • i don't think it's bad