Is it true that in a room, one group of girls can find me completely repulsive while another group can be totally attracted to me?

Or women of one country would be completely not attracted to me while women of another country would love to bed me?


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  • Yes. In can even be the case in a small town. I've had some guys from some schools not like me at all then I've been approached by multiple guys from other schools who thought I was hott as hell. I started to ask guys where they were from (were we are - deeply catholic- everythign was split by parishes) I had a couple of friends notice the same thing. Men and women develop group mentality based on what is the creme of the crop where ever they come from. I am guessing the popular girls at those schools must have looked something like me. Sorry I refer to school I've been with my husband since 16-lol. Where public school guys generally were not into me at all in our area but when I went to Ohio I got hit on probably by 40 guys in one day. Same with down the shore. Just because you don't do well in one place doesn't mean it has to be that way across the board.


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  • It is true that women in one country will generally find you physically attractive while women of another country will generally find you less physically attractive.

    For example: black people are arguably the least attractive group of people in North America but in Ghana or Brazil they are generally seen as more attractive.

    • Okay in my case, I think that women of another country are much more into me than women of my own country, but it doesn't has to do anything with physical attraction

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  • Yep. Different strokes for different folks.

    • Or is it said just to give false hopes to some guys who are failing with women

    • Very few people are universally unattractive. But it does happen.

    • I am not sure if I am or not, but usually women of race different than me seem much more into me

  • that is true with most guys. It is based on how our brain is used to and what we are used to having everyone say is cute and hot and what is not.

    • So if one girl finds a guy uninteresting other girls will too?

    • it depends on the girl for me I don't like most of the guys in my school because I look for personality not looks.

  • yes its true

  • Of course, everyones got different tastes

    • I was thinking that maybe it is said to just give some hopes to some guys who don't do well with women. I mean I know some guys who will be universally unattractive to woman, I just don't know if I'm one of them or not

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    • Yes i have.

    • Okay would you elaborate about it a little bit...

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  • Your attractiveness to women depends on:

    1) The other men in the room

    2) Your status, looks and money.

    3) The above scenario will not work because women have something called girl approval. We see behavior of this in club settings for example if a girl rejects you for a dance. Other girls consider you lame and the next one you ask will have lower success.