Are these signs that a guy likes you?

• stared and smiled at her when they first met (there wasn't a conversation involved, they just exchanged looks)
• he was staring at her and when she looked at him, he looked away quickly, then looked back at her and away again
• found out her name (she never told him)
• a friend asked him about her, he said she was nice (even though they never actually talked)
• he walks past the girl (close proximity) and he doesn't pay any attention to her. Even though the girl is staring


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  • The name thing would be enough if it were me. I'm horrible with names so unless we have spoken at least a few times I won't learn your name. Other people are better than me sometimes though so not 100% but yeah I would say the guy likes you


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What Guys Said 2

  • -(stared and smiled)... most people look at each other when they first meet. Smiling is polite and instinctive to show empathy

    -(he was staring)... most people don't wanna be caught staring at anyone

    -(found out)... could've happened any ways

    -(friend asked)... yeah, nice? That's not very uncommon.

    -(walks past)... sounds like something I would do to a girl I like before I'm acquainted. But I am not normal in those situations.

  • Eh, not necessarily. It could mean that he was just being nice.


What Girls Said 1

  • Yes he likes her but wants to be manly and don't show it