Trying to Talk to a Girl at School?

So I like a girl who I don't have any classes with. I only see her in the crowded hallways or at lunch. She is always with her best friend. Obviously I need to talk to her but how do I do that without being creepy? I'm not ugly or anything but I'm not the most popular guy either (my friends are mostly dorks and wanna-be gangsters). I'm likely to wig out and get scared if I try to talk to her but I would be much better off if I could stay calm. Have any of you been in this situation? What should I do?


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  • Approach, if you see her eating a candy go buy it and in a few days go to her and say you saw her eating that candy and you wanted to give it to her, it's just an example. Just have something prepared to say when you approach. you know something to create a little convo and show some intention to know her.


What Guys Said 1

  • For me the best way to get in contact and strike a conversation with someone random is admiring maybe something they are wearing like their shirt. Maybe there hair color anything that makes them desirable to you not in a weird way though lmao! Another way you could do it is maybe asking them if they wanted to join a club that your in that works too! I have to tell you that I've had the same problem when approaching girls I've really liked it's like I forget how to speak 😭! My biggest crush ever sat behind me the entire year and whenever I got to that class I just seemed to instantly lose my words because she'd talk to me and I couldn't respond so embarrassing lol The goal I think now for me as that was a year ago is to just act more confident in what your saying and try not to imagine the girl as being some higher being than you!

    FYI when I did confess to my crush she didn't feel the same way even though she totally led me on for months 😂 Still don't know what I did wrong