Why does he keep blowing me off? It's like a game?

I am nothing but good to this man. I feel as though I am being taken for granted, but I care about him very much. There are times when he asks me to come over and when I get there he will be gone or he won't message me to tell me when to come over and then gets pissed if I don't come over when he wants me to. Last night I told him I was fed up and not to even contact me because I know he's messing with my mind. An hour later he messages me "Hey there :)", so you know he has to know he's getting to me and he likes it. It's like he loves to have the upper hand in all situations, loves seeing me flustered, and I don't know what to do. Everytime I try to leave him he tries even harder to keep us together. What is wrong with him?


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  • No offence, but I write love letters, buy flowers to the girl I like, take her to dinners, events, family gatherings, and always try to make her smile. That is what a real man does to the woman he loves. What I'm seeing here is a player toying with your feelings and you are not mature enough to see it. There is nothing wrong with him - he is very clear in what he wants. The problem here is you - you need to seek love and companionship elsewhere. Why do you want this guy to treat you so badly anyways when just around the corner could be a gentleman who would love you for who you are?

    Ignore him. Drop him. Move on.


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  • He's an abuser and he manipulated you.
    Why would you bother even with this guy?
    He clearly is not interested in you that way he doesn't respect you, he doesn't pursue on this relationship.
    He clearly is toying you around and you just playing along with his game.
    What is wrong with you? You let him do whatever he wants you giving him exactly what he wants. Control.
    He doesn't like you. It's obvious he doesn't respect you or see you girlfriend material.
    Just dump him already and move on.
    Even he crawling back whatever shit, don't even take back this guy he's a real ass.


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  • He's a fucking asshat and you should really stop talking to him. He has zero respect for you, just don't even respond to him anymore. I mean seriously, you know what is wrong here, time to move on and think about yourself. Be happy don't let this tool screw with you anymore.

  • I got a better question.

    What is wrong with you?

    • i ask myself that too but i dont want to give up too easy.

    • That's like bashing your head against a wall and asking "What the fuck is wrong with the wall?"

      You may want to start using your head in a different way.

  • and I still wonder why women bash men when they say that they can't get a girl because they are ''to nice'' If I had a dollar for every single time I read one of these stupid stories of these girls running back to a crappy dude I'd be rich. your persona is also displayed all over the media too. we all know you like to run back to that same guy that does not care about you, yet you invest so much time and effort because you think you can ''change him''. all these people asking whats wrong with you are in the right. are you really that gullible and foolish? grow up.


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  • He is using you for his who darling. stop being his yoyo. Just because he doesn't respect you doesn't mean you shouldn't respect yourself.

  • Get rid of this guy or you will keep getting hurt