Does my boyfriend want to cheat on me?

my boyfriend is acting very strangely since yesterday. Last night he went to a party and saw a girl he used to have a crush on. Today he publicly tagged me on a meme on Facebook that says 'when you go back to your ugly girlfriend after a day of having tried to cheat on her'

everyone on facebook, including the girl he used to like, can see it. do you think he's trying to imply something? i know i should have a talk with him but he ll probably say it was just a joke? i want to know if it means something


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  • Talk to him.

    So many things on FB can be taken the wrong way so it's better to clarify with him.


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  • The meme could have just been something he thought was funny, I can only imagine what the pic was. Haha. But either way that was really dumb of him since he has a girlfriend. And if it is based on truth then that is such a douche move!! If you find out that he posted that because that was really what he was thinking then who cares if he cheated or not, get rid of him!! He just said he wanted to cheat on you and referred to you as ugly! That would be so horrible.

  • Joke or not that was rude of him because as you said anyone can see it. Ask him whats going on. There is no such thing as a coincidence. He sees someone he used ti have a crush on and then posts a rude meme about cheating and tags you? This to me, sounds like a set up for a fight or a break up so he can feel good if he is going to cheat.