Should I tell him I am in his city?

I was in a long distance relationship with a guy over summer who basically tired to break things off with me a few days ago because he said the distance was too much. My job meant that I was in his city almost every weekend throughout summer and I think he thought it would be difficult to see each other now summer is over.

As much as I really like him I didn't want to try to convince him or display any kind of neediness because I wasn't sure if he was using the distance as an excuse, so I just said nicely that I understood where he was coming from and take care: He didn't reply to my final message.

So happens that I will be in his city this weekend, should I tell him or is it a bad idea?


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  • I think you should tell him, but leave it open. Say "hey I'm going to be in the city for work this weekend, and I'm free Saturday night, so if you wanna grab dinner then let me know!" That way if he wants to he can respond, if he doesn't want to see you then he can just ignore it.


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  • You should tell him


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  • Tell him