When is it the right time to kiss someone for the first time?

What do you think? I didn't have my first kiss with my very first boyfriend until we had been together for a month. (We're no longer together, not that it really matters) But, I mean I know people who've kissed on the first date. How do you decide when it's appropriate and when it's the right time? Depending on when it does happen, what can it mean?


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  • I don't think there's a definitive "right time". It really depends on the people and when it just feels right honestly 😊 I do think that you should at least try to get to know them a little, so that you don't end up regretting that kiss later 😊


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  • when there is a romantic kinda feeling in the room, it's gotta the person is making eye contact with you. You gotta lean in closer and if the person is doing the same kiss them/ if they are pushing you away or they look surprised or slowly moving back then... STOP!!!


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  • Young padawan

    You must use your instincts. You are wise to take 1 month. Keep taking your time for now


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