I think I will always be a single guy for the rest of my life?

I feel like I don't want to live anymore as every year goes by and by I just get nowhere. No dates, no girlfriends and just overall nothing at the age of 30. Maybe I had an evil cursed placed over me to ensure I will never find no happiness. I talk to this girl overseas for over year and I was hoping to come and see her the end of this year when I have the week off. Now she tells me she lost interest. I just feel like crying because I really thought my relationship drought was finally going to be over and I would actually be with someone. I feel so angry and upset because I tried so hard to keep us interested. I do feel like I do better with women overseas its just the fucking distance that killing my chances. I think I need to leave the fucking USA because its killing every chance at love I possibly can get. I just cannot take the damn days off I need so I can see her. Just fucking ruin everything. I just feel like jumping off the bridge and ending it all because I know I will never, ever get another chance for someone else to be interested in me like how she was.

Being 30 years old my window is closing fast on me to have a family and I seem I will never accomplish this. Good God. Why this has to happen to me. Why do I have to be the one to suffer like this. I guess God hates me so much that he wants to make sure I never find anyone. I honestly don't feel like living anymore as my love life sucks so fucking bad.


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  • why do you think you'll never be in a relationship? do you not think you look good or have confidence in talking to girls? What is it? And you are still very young and have plenty of time to start a family. Its women who have to be concerned about there age when it comes to carrying your child.

    Ending your life is not the answer. It will only cause more pain esp on loved ones. Dont just think about your unhappiness bc we have all been there. But its up to you to get up and choose to be happy by making some changes:

    1. No more pity parties
    2. think positive
    3. Sign up on a dating site
    4. if you dont like how you look, change your style, cut your hair different
    5. Listen to music that makes you happy
    6. Sign up on meetup. com. its free where you can meet new people in social settings. Its fun. different events all the time in your city, keeps u living and you may meet the one
    7. write positive sticky notes and place it around your place so you can keep yourself positive

    Remember, life is life but you can make the best of it by getting yourself up out of that pity party and doing something different. if there is a will, there is a way. thats on you. Life is not gonna always be gold but know that its all temporary. Choose to make yourself happy not others. get involve in things you enjoy. Dont take your life. Take charge. Dont let Satan win


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  • Here we go again. Woe is me. Do you really want to give up now, after making it to the age of 30? You had still lasted longer than some of those other people that are substantially less fortunate and have even worse fates that yourself.

    To be frank, I'm actually over 30 myself, and had been single throughout my entire life also. I had learned to cope with it over time after being single for around 27-28 years in a row. You are responsible for your own happiness, and happiness comes from within, not solely provided to you by someone else, but within yourself. Find your own inner calm and inner peace, don't focus so much on what and how the way it is for you currently, because sometimes there are just so much and yet very little Control that we actually have in our lives. You just have to either continue to be patient and slowly just relax and not let it bother you anymore. Believe me, it hurted like a mothafucker when I was between the ages of 20-26.

    You'll wonder and think that my age says I'm 19. Well, that because I register with a made-up birthday of August 29, 1997 which is NOT my real birthday and I'm actually in my mid-30s. I understand it's that much more harder and emotionally draining when you want to have a family of your own, but it's either it happens or it doesn't, there are no absolute guarantees. I've learned to cope, but it was easier once I had realized the truth and had learned to let it all go, and I don't have any real desires nor incentives to ever actually have a family or any kids of my own and I'm okay with it, and would actually feel much free-er without any. Only person to worry about is just myself.

    You'll make it, provided the fact as long as you'll never give up and keep going forward. I am in my mid 30s now, and if I can cope then you and many others can also do the same, it just takes time. There are much other bigger worries than never having a family or any relationships in my personal opinion anyway. If you're already able to support yourself, have your own place, able to pay for all of your necessities, like rent, bills, transportation and food and water without any big financial struggles then you're already much fortunate compared to many people.


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  • I know a little of what you're going through. I'm 28 and had never been on a date or had a boyfriend up until 2 months ago. I thought that I was curse or ugly or both. But I realized the reason that I wasn't getting dates was A.) Because my expectations were skewed and B.) I didn't really think I was attractive. You have to be okay being alone before you can be with someone else. I'd heard that a million times but it was always from people in relationships. I felt like they were giving me bad advice because they could never understand what I was going through, but the moment I was okay with being alone, dating was no longer an issue. A lot of times when we really want something, we get in our own way to try and get it and thereby ruin what may've been trying to develop. You said you were trying hard to get this girl to stay interested in you. Maybe you were trying too hard. And if you have to try that hard to keep her interested, that's not someone you want to date anyway. It's not about dating anyone that comes along because of desperation to find someone. It's about letting the right person come to you. Once you find her (and you will if you stop getting in your own way) you won't have to try so hard to keep her around. She'll want to be with you. And I echo @Cool4ever5 on some changes you can implement. You need to start looking at yourself and life positively. It's the law of attraction: think positive and you'll attract positive things! And please don't kill yourself because you feel like you need someone else to complete your life. You make your own life complete! :)

  • Have you ever had a gf?

    • No, I never did.

    • y do you think that is?

    • @Cool4ever5 I don't know. Probably I'm cursed to have bad luck. I guess trying to establish a relationship with a girl across the world is hard. I choose international because I get much more replies with women there than in the US when it comes to online dating. So I kind of have given up here in the US and hope I will meet someone overseas then go from there.

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  • Your perspective is faulty and you do not appreciate all of the good things that you have in your life. You have placed females on a pedistal and made the mistake of validating your self worth through whether they find you attractive or not.

    The only way you are going to move forward is to start learning to appreciate all of the good things in your life and then learning how to be content, and then how to be positive.

    Regardless of gender, when you become negative and you do not appreciate your gifts, people do not want to be around you.

    Your perspective colours your world, paint it black and you will never see opportunities.

  • pretty much every guy ever, join the club boyo

  • Nothing that unusual to happen for guys