What does he want from me?

I dated this guy over the summer and he broke up with me almost 3 weeks ago he said he is was overwhelmed and stressed and he wouldn't be able to give me the attention I deserved. It was fine and we broke up and agreed to stay friends we don't talk much but when we do it's him being like do you miss me I miss you? And another day he will ask who I hung out with and question me about who i hung out with and if he has been replaced yet or like today he sent me a snap chat of him and I was still in bed so I sent him one back and he was like bet you are wishing I was there. Or he will ask me for nudes which I always say no to but Like what does he want from me?


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  • You should ask him what he wants , maybe he could give you an answer we aren't sure of. Maybe he still likes you and still get at you like he did when you guys were dating


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  • He doesn't want anything