Is it wrong that I think dating and relationships is easier for women because of this? This is something i've noticed for a while, a few years now?

Because the vast majority of people out there in the world who are over the age of 30, reach their 30's or just 30+ years of age without ever having had a relationship before or still a virgin, it's almost always guys, men. Heck, even with over the age of 25 as well, something like this happens to guys more than women.

I notice this because i've browsed a lot of forums in recent years, websites where you can ask, post questions about your dating life/sex life, including this site, and whenever someone posts about still being a virgin or never having had a relationship before, in this age bracket, it's almost always guys, men, you almost never hear of women in that age bracket who is that inexperienced in dating/relationships.

Well if it is true that something like this happens to men more than women, it doesn't surprise me, because women don't have to be the initiators, and i remember someone said "what is your point? that women have it easier in this regard?

okay... so? if you were under the impression that life is fair, I hate to be the one to break this to you, but it's not." Yes, i know, i'm aware that life is not fair, but yet people still think men have it better than women in this regard, i know someone else also said to me: "The fact that women are generally not the initiators doesn't preclude them from being alone. Many women are simply passed up.", ya well i almost never hear of women in that age bracket who are either a virgin or never had a relationship before, but it's quite common, or just not uncommon for me at all to hear of guys in that age bracket who have never had a relationship before or still a virgin.

what does anybody else think?


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  • It depends so much. Extremely shy, socially awkward guys have such a hard time because they're supposed to make a move and just cannot. I think that's the kind of guy you've been reading about. On the other hand, women will accept almost anything from a guy. You may not believe me, but I know amazing girls who put up with so much b*llshit, or incredibly pretty girls dating ugly guys because of their awesome personality, etc. That's something most women don't get -- you won't see a hot dude settle for an ugly girl because of her personality. Women are more receptive of flaws in my opinion. So your answer is: I don't know

    • This is so god damn true.

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    • I am positive there are women out there like that. They just tend to keep it to themselves instead of broastcast it. Women are often criticized for their weight or not looking a certain way and these women are passed over daily. If it's just because of their weight some guys just may fuck them to get off but they wouldn't dare be in a long term committed relationship with them. In that regards guys have it better. If a guy is flawed a girl may really enjoy being with him no matter the flaw but if a girl is flawed she is used and put aside like a dirty secret.

    • @davisgirl89 well I doubt you can think of women like that I'm sure you can't think of any or literally can't know of one either

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  • Basically everything you are saying is true to an extent. Yes girls don't have to do much work to get hit on, guys are supposed to do all the hard work. Its a lot easier to just accept this and work on your skills than bitch about it, because its not going to change.

    Someone basically nailed it to a T below though when it comes to getting passed the point of actually talking to a girl. Guys have it much easier in the fact that girls are not nearly as visual as guys are. No matter what you think in my case studies its quite true that you don't have to be an abercrombie model to get a very good looking girl to date you.

    If you are desperate to not be a virgin there a plenty of girls out there you could easily remedy this with. It just depends on the standard you are trying to hold for yourself. You could be the most socially awkward person in the world living in your moms basement and I guarantee if you swiped right on tinder long enough you will find a girl that will come over and blow you right in your moms basement and not give a fuck about it either.

    • ya i've been attempting to lower my standards lately


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  • No, because I know some older virgin women personally. My cousin who is 25 has been kissed once. She had other friends her age in similar situations. Another woman is at least 40. Social anxiety and awkwardness don't just strike men. These women are invisible to men, though. Hence you not noticing them.

    • The no means, no I don't think this is true or as extreme as you perceive. I watch my cousin and her peer group struggle and then slowly give up on dating. Most are nice girls, but not great looking and definitely socially awkward.

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    • Yeah.

    • Interesting and sad to hear because like I said before, it seems something like that rarely happens to women compared to men

  • Sex is easier for women to get, but most women want a relationship. So how it is not easier for women

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      *so its not easier for women

  • Maybe it makes sex easier for women, but not dating and especially not relationships.

    • well i doubt you can think of any women in that age bracket who have never had a relationship before

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    • well it seems almost impossible or very rare for women to end up perpetually single that long because women don't have to be the initiators

    • No, but there's a lot more to it than that.

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  • Shy introverted guys don't get laid generally. Shy introverted guys populate internet forums. 2+2 = 5

    In real life, it's quite a close ratio, slightly favouring women. However, promiscuous men end up having more sex per person than women.

  • yup, this of course i'm pretty sure happens without a doubt to men more than women, i even heard that most Male Walruses don't get to mate.

  • No, dating is easier for women. They are chased.

    Guys are constantly pursuing women. So if girl wants sex, all she has to do is launch a Tinder and she can be laid in half an hour.

    The thing is, girls aren't really interested in sex and dating... They rather focus on themselves and want a high quality partner and will wait for one.

    • Yeah my mindset is just because it's the way it is doesn't mean I have to like it or enjoy it

  • Women get what they want, when they want. The reason they date losers is because they're not ready to date real men with a steady job. They date rich guys because they want a guy to supplement their lives so they can show off to their friends. They date attractive guys so they can move up the social ladder with their friends.

    It's almost never about the guy other than what he can give to her, with promiscuity and the destruction of the social stigma surrounding lack of purity among women there's no reason for women to not want a dude who's good in the sack. That said, most women are overlooking the best guy in the sack, and that's the guy who's got something to prove.

    Men, on the other hand, are purely material. Consider us a purse, an atm, a nice scarf, prada shoes... Whatever the fuck the flavor of the month is.