Why did he stop talking to me?

So, this guy and I exchanged snapchat over school. He has sat next to me the couple of days, and we joke and flirt a little. He asked me out to lunch sometime, but I said maybe because I didn't really know him that well yet. Time flies, and he still talks to me and snaps me, and then he asks me out again over the weekend. I had plans this weekend and then told him, he wanted to go mini golfing (we were talking about it in class). He goes "dang, you are gonna miss out on some insane putt putt golf". I didn't reply, he sent a few more snaps and messages after that but I was busy and couldn't respond. Now since then, he hasn't talked to me at all anymore, and doesn't sit by me anymore. What happened?


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  • He 100% thought you weren't interested in him.

    The popular thing online is if a girl says no (or maybe) to a date more than once it's time to move on and find someone else. You probably should have tried to reschedule with him when he asked.

    If you want to try going out with him send him a message and ask him if that putt putt offer was still on the table. Unless he's already moved on I would be willing to bet he will hop on that offer immediately.

  • He may believe your not interested since you haven't agreed to any of his dates whether you had a viable excuse or not he may see it as you don't want to see him outside of school or he thinks your not really in to him. So he went cold on you to protect his feelings from getting hurt. Or he moved on

  • Well he is thinking that you aren't interested


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