Is it weird to ask a guy out on Facebook if I've never spoken to him in person?

I saw him around campus for a couple years and always thought he was cute but it didn't turn into a full fledged crush until last year when we got involved in some of the same events and I got to see him actually speak (to other people). Turns out he's also kind and intelligent.

He had never noticed me before but in the last year when my crush grew stronger I would constantly notice him when he was around and I think he eventually caught on because sometimes our eyes would meet and I'm positive he figured out that I was always looking at him.

Unfortunately, he graduated in April and I resigned myself to forget about him, but it's September and I'm still crushing on him just as hard. I regret not asking him out when I had the chance and now the only option is Facebook. We're not friends but we have a lot of friends in common. I have no idea how he would take it if I suddenly asked him out since we never spoke or interacted, we're basically strangers, I'm not friends with him on Facebook, and he never gave any indication of being interested in me.

Despite all that I don't know if to just go for it anyway. And if yes, how?


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What Guys Said 2

  • yes its weird but it could work if he finds you good looking

  • Does he live in same place of you?

    • I live in another county but my university is in the same city where he lives

What Girls Said 1

  • Add him on fb. Do that first. Second gain a connection don't ask him out yet
    Feel him out on the interaction. I'm excited for you good luck let me know when he adds you :)