Would avoidance and distance make him lose interest on me?

I have this guy friend who likes me, and he's really annoying and clingy and always want to talk and spend time with me.
The last months I've tried distancing myself from him, avoiding him and making excuses thinking it would help to make him lose interest in me, get bored and go pester someone else, but I'm not sure it's working.


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  • Unless he's completely clueless it should work, if it isn't and he's still being annoying.. You're just going to have to be upfront with him and tell him that you're not into him and you'd appreciate it if he gave you some space. I know you don't want to sound mean, but doing that is actually the nicest thing you can do because it will end this deluded hope he's got in his mind that you might actually like him and prevent him from wasting more of this time.

    • Alright, if he still shows interest I'll do that. Thank you. I just hope he takes it well.


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  • Do you know with absolute certainty that you don't like him? Or certain that you aren't doing things that could be confused with interest?

  • Be straight up with dude it gonna hurt him but he gotta learn to take like a man its not fair to you to be pestered by someone you'll never like


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