What do you do if a guy/girl accepts your date last minute?

If you asked out somebody, they didn't get back to you until last minute. Even though they accepted the date, will you go out with them?

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  • Accept the date
    12% (1)83% (5)43% (6)Vote
  • Say no but offer another time
    50% (4)0% (0)29% (4)Vote
  • Just say no
    25% (2)0% (0)14% (2)Vote
  • Ignore them
    13% (1)17% (1)14% (2)Vote
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  • It really depends on the circumstance. If it happens every once in awhile, sure but if they're always like that then i move on.


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  • Ignore. She showed me that she thought she had better options, and is only getting back to me because those all fell through.

    I won't be a bitch's fallback plan. If she's not eager to spend time with me, I won't waste my time on her.

  • I would be overjoyed considering my failures with women and my subsequent giving up on having a relationship because all i ever get is a no response