Girls, among these what would you like to be rather called by a guy?

Choose among these what would you like a guy to call you...

  • Beautiful
    69% (11)
  • Gorgeous
    31% (5)
  • Pretty
    0% (0)
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  • They all say different things. Beautiful is the most sincere and kind. Beautiful often can describe someones physical apprerance and their personality at the same time in a very innocent and raw fashion thats why its often prefered. gorgeous is like omg your beauty is just insane its like more (for lack of a better word) obssessed with her physical apperance😂 in a very sweet and flattering way. And pretty is like a small apperciation of beauty. Its the mosy innocent and also the least passionate but still pretty flattering and very nice to hear.

    • 2mo

      So which one would you like to hear?

    • 2mo

      Beautiful is my preference. But they are all great lol

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