He texted me after the 1st date to say he would like to meet up again, but hasn't arranged anything?

I went on a fun 1st date with this (super handsome) guy.. he kept prolonging it so it lasted 3 hrs and he complimented me a few times. That same night he texted "I had a great time and would love to meet up again sometime.. too bad you'll be busy with family next weekend =D". I had told him about my parents visiting from out of town next weekend so I would be busy. I texted back I had fun too and suggested maybe meeting up on a weekday before my parents come.. it's been more than a day now and no answer. Should I just keep waiting, or suggest something concrete myself? Or does it sound like he's not interested at this point lol


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  • Rule number one in a relationship. Do not ever text someone to make yourself feel better. Give him space and if he comes back then go for it. If. Not then move on. He might just be busy. It was your first date after all, just relax and live life.


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  • if he wasn't interested i don't know why he would say he wants to see you again... he could have just said "tonight was fun!" and left it at that. Maybe try something more concrete.