Did I get played?

Looking back at the last 3 months and the night we made out, it seemed inevitable that we'd end up in each others arms. He had never put a hand on me before that night... and the first thing he did was grab my arm to see the road rash from my tumble from the week before. He pretty much stayed around me all night at work. He ended up having to follow the ambulance to the hospital, and when I checked in with him after work, he asked if I had left yet, I said no, I was still there hanging out. He said he was almost back to work. He came back and some of us hung out... he was standing close enough that our arms kept brushing. I went up to the refrigerator to get more beers and put some of them in my sweatshirt pocket. It wasn't long before he was reaching in the pocket to get one. The last time, he put his hand in there and then pulled me forward. We ended up being the last two there, just sitting and talking... later on, we were playing around and he pinched my boob, so I pinched him back... this continued for a bit, until he did it the last time and I didn't even react (my back was turned) said "you don't even care anymore... why is that?" And put his arm around and caressed me. I didn't say anything and turned around and he kissed me. We admitted to liking each other and spent the next few hours just being together, talking, making out, he even just held me because i asked him to. The whole night was about me and I felt so... adored. When we left, he kissed me and said to make sure I talked to him that week. I did, but he blew me off. I feel like something changed... we've worked together since, but things are different. The first week, he flat out ignored me the whole night. The next weeks were better but not the same. I guess I don't understand why- that if you were just playing a girl, why you'd spend so much time getting to know her and be so sweet to her if it were just sex. I'm confused and hurt. I miss him so much, but I refuse to keep trying to contact him.


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  • There may be someone else in his life.


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  • was that all that happened or did you guys have sex... if you didn't and that's all that happened then ask him what going on if he acts like a jerk flip a table