Cut contact, or occasional contact?

I finally built up the courage to ask my crush out who I see in my class everyday. She said she was talking to someone else and had plans, so I was rejected but relived that I asked. I told her I respected that and thanked her for being honest. However, I see her everyday, and I feel as it would be a little awkward. If I didn't see her everyday I honestly would just stop talking to her, but since I do, I don't know what to do. I have her snap and occasionally send snaps every so often. Some people say to keep sending messages occasionally to show that it wasn't a big deal and that everything is ok, but others say it makes you look like your still going after her. Then some people say to cut contact, but others say it makes you seem like a jerk and will end to things being even more awkward. What should I do?


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  • ok, next time you are going to do something re contacting her, pretend she is just another girl and act like you would do with that other girl.
    That way you are natural and you are not overthinking
    It will pass


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  • I swear to god I just read this an hour ago. Anyways.. All she said was that she's talking to someone else. Talking is not a boyfriend. Just keep going business as usual, she knows what you think, keep going for her man. If you stop at every minor roadblock you will never get anywhere. Why would you want her to think you gave up that easy? Sometimes girls give you tests because they want to weed people out. She might be testing you, she might not be. There's no way to know for sure, but I personally wouldn't stop there if I was really liked her.

    If its just a whatever kind of thing, then just do your thing, if you see her act like its no biggy, stop snapping her, its up to you. I wasn't there so I don't really know the whole delivery that she gave you, but just by those words I would still be trying.


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  • Just freindzone her. Take some time to get over her and then just be her freind after. Just occasionally contact her enough to stay freinds. That will keep things less awkward in class also.

  • Talk to her as a friend would if you truly respect that. All that really matters is what you know in your heart, despit what anyone else says. Anything else is in her ball court