Is it possible for a girl to be "too sweet"?

I've heard girls say that they don't like guys who are "too sweet." I'm not that kind of girl, I like sweet guys, but I was wondering if guys would find a girl who was really sweet someone who's not fit to be their girlfriend or something. Does that happen? Would you like to have a really sweet girlfriend?


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  • i love extremely sweet girls. aka sweethearts, they are the ones who are girlfriend material and they are rare these days. no one likes mean girls aka bitches. they tend to be all too common.


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  • You can be sweet, but the guys that Inhave talked to over the years say that being too sweet causes you to let men take advantage of you because you would feel like you would hurt their feelings if you say no.

    A girl that is referred as "the bitch" is the girl that knows how to be nice but smack you if you get out of line. Boys like that girl because they know she values herself and when left alone, they know she will not accept disrespect from any guy. Am I making sense?

    As far as sweet guys, there's some of us who like masculine energy and there's others who like Romeos. It's really a personal preference that boys don't seem to understand. If a guy is sweet to me, more than likely I will turn him down because I like masculine energy. I like the bad boys, the jerks because we get along great. I can't tell a nice guy to shut his pie hole and punch him on the arm. Lol. But that is how I show affection.. some of it. Hahaha. Be you, just don't let guys take advantage.


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  • Yes, you can. But to clarify you have to be pretty damn sweet to make it a turn-off and I've only seen that level of sweetness is movies...

  • I love girls that make sugar taste like salt, but everybody has an opinion, mostly they like girls with attitude

  • I very much prefer sweet girls. :)


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