Sending a friend that a girl flowers at her work?

I've know this girl for about 2 years now and we've hung out quite a few times with other friends. I asked her to a music concert a few weeks ago, we meet up and also party after the show at her place. Over the past few month she started to grow on my and i would like to asked her out. Is it creepy to send her flowers at the SPA/Hair Salon she works at asking her out or am i being romantic?


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  • That sounds really sweet haha may be embarrassing for her but it'd definitely make her blush and think about the flowers and letter. It'd make her feel special. I would say go with it! Romantic? Yes but I don't see that being an issue. It's a step on the right path if you want a potential relationship out of it

  • No that's every girls dream.. I though that only happens in movie. Do it she'll LOVE IT


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