Should I be worried :(?

To be more specific, why do some guys become less romantic and putting in the effort like the did at the start when they were chasing you? The guy I'm dating has, and now he acts really childish with me, which he says is because he's comfortable in my presence. I don't think I've changed much; I've always been myself since day one with him but I've opened up more. Nevertheless, things seem to have slowed down. Is this normal?


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  • Unfortunately, it is. But you know, you can yalk to him about it; let him know that you miss what he used to do and say in the beginning, that you need more romance, etc.

    If he's considerate enough, he'll listen and he'll do it. There's absolutely nothing wrong with asking for that, because it's a natural thing to want. :)

    I speak from experience. I was always a hell of a lot more romantic than the girl I was recently with. :)


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  • This happens a lot fof some reason. It's like people are happy to put in the effort to get the person, but then don't want to put in the effort to keep them

  • Is he being childish in a playful way or an annoying way? Just be upfront with him and make it clear what you miss. If he is worth keeping then he will understand and try and incorporate more romance. On the other hand, don't expect it all the time as it is still key that you can hold a relationship with his normal behavior (which would be since he's comfortable around you).

    • Playful way. He enjoys winding me up.

    • Oh, well then just say that every once in awhile you'd like him to do something romantic. Don't squash the playfulness completely however. Otherwise that is just going to leave the relationship in a pretty boring position.

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