Got ignored. Super hurt right now. Wth?

My ex was in my city 2 weeks ago. I knew this because he told me so. All I said back to that was "oh ok cool". Now, according to my friends that was his way of trying to open the door because he didn't have to tell me he was in my city. So fast forward to now. My friend saw that he was here so I shot him a quick text and said heard you're here. Since I missed you the last time you were here would you like to grab some coffee? Let me know. Miss you. Not a single word from him. Just completely ignored me. He's never ignored me before. Wtf?


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  • Yeah. Happened to me once, too. girlfriend was too upset to see me when I was there. There's two choices. Forgive and accept, or confront and defend. Which you choose is up to you. I chose forgive and accept cause I knew the circumstances.

    • She was too upset to see you? Could you explain a little more? Thanks.

    • My girlfriend live 500 miles away. We had a visit planned for a month ahead of time. But in the meantime, her beloved pet had to be put down (srlsy, it's like her child); she suffers from depression and this really brought on a big bout of it. She wanted me to cancel my visit, but I'd already paid for the hotel and it was non-refundable. So I got to spend 4 days less than a mile from her without being able to see her once. It hurt terribly. But I don't blame her for it. She asked me not to come. It wasn't her fault I couldn't cancel. So I made the best of it as I could in her town. But it wasn't the same.

  • Such tears, very sadness, much cry.


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  • He probably decided, that it's best for both of you to move on.