Should I just move on?

Hi, I met this guy online and we've been talking for about a month now. I was starting to fall for him but It's been extremely rocky. He's still a student in high school and claims to be always occupied with homework, school, and church. I'm a recently a high school graduate with a now full time 8 1/2 hour job. Communication with us is horrible. Sure, Our phone conversations are really nice but now lately i've been the one to call him first. I'm a very understanding person. I mentioned to him that I completely understand that he's busy but it'd be nice to get a few texts out of him daily. He's improved with that but now it's the standard "How r u" "Nm" or the one I hate the most "Lol" I've confronted him about it before but he didn't seem to change. I can't help but think that I'm boring him to death. I just assume that if he were really interested in me, he'd put more effort into communicating. Communication is really important to me so my question is should I move on?


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  • I think u should just move on. Online relationships don't really work out most of the time in my opinion. so u can find a guy thats more accessible and will treat u right. Try and find somebody near you that's so much better honestly.


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  • I'd move on if I were you. He's not putting enough effort.


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  • I'd move on or at least keep your options open if you do continue to see him and see if he changes. But I learned the hard way, never make someone a priority who only sees you as an option. If you fall for someone who acts hot and cold and leaves you uncertain all the time, you'll be disappointed.

    Online dating, from my experience and most people's experiences it seems, doesn't really work out in the long term. A lot of superficial people on there and with all the options it gives, can do more harm and confusion than good.

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