Does he actually care about me?

There's a guy I've been involved with. He chased me for months and I finally decided to meet him and I fell for him. Thing is, he would do things like make plans and back out of them without even telling me. It upset me a lot 4 days ago and I got to the point where I said I did not want to have anything to do with him. I was very good to him, but I was not going to let him disrespect me. I have like 3 other guys who would love the chance to be with me, but I only care about him. I like who he is overall but I just don't like it when he makes plans then flakes out. He can't go a whole day without at least texting me and chatting. He texts me last night after I told him not to message me anymore because he was being inconsiderate, and I was like "Wow you really can't go without texting me huh?" and he's like "I am you and you are me" (his way of trying to be romantic, he's from a different country). If he had other people he wouldn't need to keep me around because I am demanding when it comes to respect right? does he actually care about me? Like, he cannot leave me alone lol.


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  • No he does not