Let Her Go Or Leave It In Her Court?

2 weeks ago I met this woman. We seemed to get along great. I asked her out for last weekend. She turned me down and said she was busy. Even sent me a picture of her calendar. She's booked with school and work. I told her to just let me know what works for her. We chatted off and on all week about where we were going to go. I suggested a place and said yes lets go! Didn't tell me a date. Few days passed and still nothing. So I asked her today what her schedule was like for Saturday/Sunday. She said she didn't have any plans Saturday but planned on sleeping all day from work Friday night and had to turn in a paper. "Woopdie doo." She gave me a long maybe excuse with a bunch of "lol"'s. "Lets talk about it on Sat.. that's pretty far out for me to plan something lol." I didn't resoond. I felt like she wasn't being serious. I didn't plan on responding.. but everyone is telling me to keep chasing. Should I let it go or tell her the ball is in your court?


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  • She is not interested.


What Guys Said 1

  • man fuck nah bro. If the bitch want to she'll let you know. I use to chase hoes it don't end well bro