The Answer should be obvious but I need an outsiders opinion?

To keep this relevant, short, and sweet. I have been talking to this guy for a little over 4 months now, our schedules really collide - so it does not give us a lot of time to really spend with one another. However this is what has gone down so far - he has introduced me to his dad, he introduced me as his friend. He lives with his dad in order to save money and help out around the place. He told me that he does not bring his friends over a lot to meet his dad, because of the way his dad is. Well not only has he had me over - he has let me spend the night with him, his dad told him that he really liked me - that he thought I was cool. We have gone out a couple of times, but mainly hung out at his place. He is very giving in the bedroom, he always cares about if I get mine, regardless if he gets his or not. He has stated that he is not trying to talk to anyone else or see anyone else and if he talks about other girls, he makes sure to mention that they are only friends. I'm really trying to figure out if this guy likes me as just a friend or is it leading to more.


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  • I think he likes you


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  • Why don't you discuss it with him? Have you mentioned to him that you want to be exclusive?