Is it bad that me and my boyfriend often find ourselves with nothing to talk about?

Quite often me and my boyfriend when were video chatting or on the phone we tend to not know what to talk about sometimes. Is this bad or is it normal?


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  • It means the both of you are either really boring, have nothing in common or both.


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  • here is a tip for video chatting coming from a girl who did that for half a year and then continued on in her relationship as her husband was in the military and constantly on tdy...
    You do VIDEO CHAT? ok that's great... we did that too with Skype. we were on Skype together for HOURS and HOURS on the weekend and all through the night... what did we do? I hope this helps you but we would watch a movie together and play it both at the same time, read books out loud to each other, joke books or romantic short story books, and we played online games like tic tac toe. hang man and other card games. good luck


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  • Of course you won't constantly be talking, but if you really aren't having much conversation at all that's not a good thing

  • My new LD R, we talk so much it hurts our head. Lots of GAG topics to discuss and understand ea others view point.
    Write it down next time before you chat.