Does this mean anything?

So if a girl probably likes you because she gave you her number without you asking, was the first one to call when she said she wanted me to call her, and flirted with me and woke up in the middle of the night because of a dream and immediately texted you, are we just friends?

Also while we were talking on the phone she wanted to talk even longer while she had work soon and she even asked if we can talk again later. Maybe it could be me, but she sounded pretty excited while talking to me.


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  • How long has that went on for? If it has been like months and she is still acting that way, chances are, she might be interested and is not shy to show it! :)

    • Well all of this only happened in two days

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    • Like what exactly should I say?

    • Ask her what she thinks about you/would she date someone like you etc along those lines. Or any question you feel comfortable with asking :)

  • she has a crush or ask

  • No you're not just friends.
    She's totally digging you.


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