Guys, What exactly is he trying to do? He keeps liking my post (asking guys mainly)?

so basically me and this guy talked for 9 months, we both fell in love (at least i did and he is my first love). like we had a deep connection, we were both weird and could talk about anything. Anyways he randomly stop texting me for 2 weeks (playing games or being annoying) and I was so hurt cause he would go on social media and start liking girls pics, its like he was doing it on purpose and trying to get a reaction from me. He never made it official and I never felt secure with this relationship, so i said fuck it I'm done. after the 2 weeks he hmu but like i said I was done. cut all contact with him and decided to move on. this happened right before summer vacation ( being heartbroken in the summer is the worst btw). So four months passed and we did not talk, he never texting me back again after the last time he texted me (which hurt me cause he didn't even ask whats wrong) but during that whole period he would like my instagram pics but also make himself seem like the victim on social media by liking sad shit. Anyways September comes and we end up going to the same college (we were long distance before). He eventually hit my friend up (the one that hooked us up) talking about he doesn't know what happen between us and he appreciates me w. e. w. e. So he also hmu and i talk to him and was completely honest on how i felt, why i stopped talking to him and how right now I'm only worrying about myself and am not interested in things going back to the way they were between us. He acted like he didn't care and was so closed up even though I was so honest. but even still i was respectful and told him goodbye and to have a good school year. after that he stopped liking my pics and i was like okay he gets it but 2 weeks have passed since our official goodbye and there he is liking my pics again. What is the point of this? he hurt me and i don't want to be with him cause right now I'm all about me. and he knows that so why continue this, why not just ignore me?


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  • Sounds like you both hurt each other, but you don't know how you hurt him. My guess is he likes you A LOT and was hurt by something, and now can't let go.

    There are only two options, 1) ignore him and move on, 2) admit to yourself and him that you could have done something to hurt him, maybe without even knowing it.

    If there is any chance for you, you are both going to have to forgive and dive in together.

  • You being too paranoid, this is almost every guys thing: Liking every pic with pretty girl in it.

    • nope. cause i don't only post pics of me, i post other shit without my face but if you think I'm being paranoid i won't think about it so much or back off.