Where can a guy meet women, without the use of the internet? Girls/women where do you go to meet guys, not stupid players?


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  • I don't go anywhere for the purpose of meeting men. It happens by luck/chance.


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  • generally women like 1. their coworkers 2. their classmates

    they already kind of know them, for the most part, since theyve been around, and you get to talk to them etc... but the problem with dating coworkers and classmates is, if you break up, it becomes awkward, and many companies have a strict no dating policy.

    girls don't respect it though, no idea why. i think it's the thrill they get from doing something they're not supposed to

    have you tried going to places that deal with your hobbies, there's bound to be women that have the same hobbies as you


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  • Man, if I knew that... The only guys our age I know who regularly meet new (and single) women are the ones who have jobs like bartender, sports instructor or salesman.

  • Well what are your hobbies? Maybe look for women around those?

    • So you went to a hobby club, there's 11 dudes, 5 girls anywhere near your age, 3 of those girls are taken, one is definitely not into you, the other one might be in theory, but you're not really into her (and it's not healthy to only have one to choose from anyway). And it's gonna be a year before they get any new members.

      That's basically a realistic representation of joining new clubs, so what do you do then? Leave after a couple of weeks and keep joining new clubs until you find suitable girls and what if that's at a club where you don't really like the core activity or the other members?