Okay I've been with this guy and we got into an argument. The last time I heard from him was last week but he is ignoring me and I asked him ar we?

I asked him are we over and he hasn't texted me back at all.


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What Guys Said 1

  • He needs time or you are over.

    Its hard to say without know what you were fighting about and how you fought.

    Its possible that he can't see himself with someone who argues that way you do. I don't know that because I you don't say, but that is possible.

    Did you say hurtful things, did you degrade him?

    If you can't fight well, you can't be a couple.


What Girls Said 2

  • Some people get very angry during an argument and keep dwelling on what was said , so it takes them a while to calm down and think to start thinking rational. Give him time and space

  • He's being a dick. As shitty as it feels I'd assume that yeah, you are over and move along to better, kinder people that won't leave you in the dark over an argument! And when he comes crawling back you can ignore him then it'll feel soooo good.