Girls why does this woman send short occasional messages?

I just started talking to a pretty girl on POF but she's always sent like short responses since the start and I've always had to wait a while to hear back. now here's the confusing part, throughout those messages she's the one who suggested we talk off the website and gave me her Snapchat and all wanting to talk on there instead. What is she shy or something? If she's just not interested why would she want to share her info with me and want me to ad her on snapchat and all?


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  • Some people think doing this is a good way of letting people down softly. Or she's one of those people who like to keep themselves surrounded by people she knows find her attractive because it boosts her self esteem.

    Basically, if a girl likes you, she'll send more than short messages every once in a while. Time to bait your hook and start fishing again.

    • actually it seems like my assumption was pretty correct. we started by talking online so I can understand hesitation as I'm a complete stranger. Now after she learned more about me she completely turned around and talks all day lol She wants to meet me now :)

    • Congrats buddy!

    • thankyou :) she just brought up meeting me about an hour ago! I didn't even have to suggest it.

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  • She's not that interested and just keeping you on the hook bruh


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  • Nah, she is keeping you around as a confidence boost.


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