What does it mean when a girl is "testing you if you break frame"?

What does break frame mean?


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  • I have never heard of that expression before.


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  • They are talking about pickup bullshit. Essentially its the same thing as saying she's giving a shit test. Saying something that's not really true to see if you overreact about it. Or if you try to kiss her she'll purposely deny you to see if you get all whiny and bitchy about it or play it cool like it never happened and try again in a little bit.

    Your "frame" is basically how you are framing the situation, or what frame are you going to put up. A bunch of lingo to say how are you going to act basically. She's trying to see if you are just acting, or the real deal.

    So don't fall for shit tests.


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  • it's a trap!!! best to just kill her and burn the body to be sure!!! that kind of evil can't go unchecked!!

  • Ah, somebody's been reading about how to be a pick up artist.

    • So what does it mean?

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    • Confidence is one of the key things that most women find attractive in men. If he's just faking it, when that attraction will die pretty quickly and she'll have to deal with him. Considering how often some women get hit on, it's easier to get it out of the way early.

    • Ironically, this behavior is also a good way to screen out pick up artists, too.