Do you text your significant other while playing video games?

  • Yes
    17% (1)50% (3)33% (4)Vote
  • Yeah, here and there (every hour or so)
    33% (2)0% (0)17% (2)Vote
  • Not really
    33% (2)17% (1)25% (3)Vote
  • No
    17% (1)33% (2)25% (3)Vote
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2mo How much do you play?
2mo Thank you all for your opinions


Most Helpful Guy

  • Well this one only because I love talking to her. So I can take a death or two in my mutliplayers, even though my K/D and pride takes a small hit lol.

    But then again, if I'm playing, usually it use to be with her. That's when I was most happiest.


Most Helpful Girl

  • My ex was a HC gamer and he always texted me or talked to me on the phone while in game if I initiated. He initiated after or before the game. He was really considerate about it, he always put me before games and I appreciated it very much. We were together for 4 years and it really never ever happened that he blows me off because of the game.


What Guys Said 2

  • I don't really play games that much anymore. It would depend on the game. If you're sitting there wasted playing call of duty yelling at 12 year olds on xbox it's kind of hard to pay attention to your phone.

    However if you can pause the game then there's no reason to be off in wonderland and not pay attention to life going on around you.

  • I have an SO, but I do have video games


What Girls Said 1

  • Both me and my boyfriend game. We usually still text but not during the game. Maybe between games or so but neither of us expects it.