Advice please. should I text him?

i went to the beach party yesterday. i was supposed to leave the dance area with my friends when this guy asked me to dance with him. i said yes. he asked my name and what do i do in bahrain. we cannot hear each other so he led me far away from the crowd. we sit near the shore and talk. i found out he's a saudi and just came back in middle east after living in US for many years. we talked about some personal stuffs like my parents, his divorce, his life in US and each other dreams. we really clicked! he told me many times that he really like me. i felt like i know him for a long time. we kiss and i think because of the alcohol, we made out a little bit. but he told me that he will not going to have sex with me that night. i felt he really respect me and im so happy with it. he put his number on my phone but i refused to give mine. the thing is i just broke up with my boyfriend a month ago and we had a bad time together so i was planning to take a rest from any commitment for a while. i told him about it, but he still insist that we should go out again. just before we go back to the party he said "i tell you something" then he whispered on my ears saying "youre mine" when i heard it my heart melts. this guy really got me. i dont know if it just the party vibe & alcohol thats why we had a great time together or whatever. i like him a lot but i dont want any distraction right now. it is basically up to me if we will continue what we had last night because he do not have my number.


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  • Ma'am... All I can say is... Pleeeeease... be careful. I will not trust him. He has whispered that in the bears of 50 more girls. I know them VERY CLOSELY.


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  • I think you should text him. But you know better.