College hookup help?

I'm in college and I just can't score hookups I don't know wtf is wrong with me. I'm good looking and I'm ripped but everytime I try to make a move I fail. What's wrong with me? How do I do I fix this? It's ruining my College experience. All I want is to be able to get hookups but I keep failing. The one or 2 I actually did score were slutty chicks. WHY AM I SO FUCKING UNLUCKY? I SEE UGLY ASS MFS BRINGING HOME HOT GIRLS AND OF COURSE MY LUCK IS THAT I GET SHIT. I AM SO FUCKIN PISSED.



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  • Stop looking at it like "oh i can't get laid and I don't know why". Women can tell if you're just trying to get in their pants. Try making friends rather than potential sex partners.

    I know there's this whole stigma behind "oh everybody has sex in college it's one big orgy". That's a bad assumption. The "ugly ass mfs" are likely comfortable with themselves. Being overbearing and needy doesn't sit well with women.

    There's nothing wrong with you at all. What's wrong is your behaviours and thought processes. That can be corrected if you work at it. Be empathetic and see it from another person's perspective. Personally I know barely anything about random "hook-ups" because I don't understand the appeal. Sex isn't meaningless.

    A charming overweight guy who likes himself will get the right girl tenfold compared to a muscular meathead with little appreciation or respect for how women look at courtship (I'm not saying you fit this category, hope it doesn't sound like that).

    You sound really frustrated with this. My suggestion is to look at it another way. It's pointless to try something with little to no potential for success. Failure is a constant in the pursuit of success. There is no success without it.

    • Funny you should mention that. I had a hot girl hit my friend up yesterday. ASKING FOR HIS DICK. HOW THE FUCK DO I MAKE THAT ME?

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    • I've heard juice really increases your self confidence due to the increased testosterone levels

    • But if not hgh or steroids how do I improve my self confidence

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  • lol maybe you try to hard

    • What do you mean

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    • Ok what do you say?

    • Hey what's up we talk. I ask her her major she tells me and asks me mine. I ask where she's from and she asks me. Shirt like that. If I make a joke she laughs usually (I do have a good sense of humor my friends have told me). But when. I try to take it to the next level I just fail

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  • first your still in highschool.
    second im in college and score all the time. i dont try any time but at partys and always pull. your probaly trying to hard

    • Im in college rn. Well how do I not try as hard?

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    • Also how do I up my self confidence

    • first you need experience, and corny pick up jokes are a great opener

      just do this walk up to a group of females or a single one doesn't matter. be like do you want to here a joke and say a corny pick up line. its usally a good reaction. then be like i just thought you where cute and wanted to get to know you more. and ask can i get your number. and just keep saying it to multiple women. this is how i built my confidence. and its not to get laid i did once or twice but that out of 200. its just so you get confertable in any situation

  • I see ugly mofo's with hot girls all the time, you need money fool no one cares how you look