He asked me what I was looking for?

On our 4th date. Did he ask that because he wants to be exclusive or because he wants to make sure I'm not getting too attached?


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  • Is this is the same guy that has 10 dates planned? I thought you were waiting to have the talk, and now he already asked you this? I'm confused as hell, you know that its obvious you just keep making questions all day about the same thing correct?

    Anyways.. If he spend money on 4 damn dates and he already got laid and still wants to hang out with you he's probably asking because he wants to do something more than take you out on dates for the next 3 months.

    Regardless of what he wants to hear you need to tell him what you actually think. If you want a relationship tell him, if you don't, tell him. Don't try to tell him what you think he wants to hear because its going to turn into a big problem in the future.

  • I would guess he wants to know if you two are on the same page.

  • I thought people were automatically expected to be exclusive by the 3rd date. He probably wants to know if it can last, or if you two should move on.


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