Is it possible for a man to have a crush or be in love with a woman while fucking other girls?

So, I've known this guy since my junior year of high school. Now we are seniors in college and he once again confessed his feelings for me, but he's the promiscuous type and fucks other girls yet he still has feeling for me (or so he says, I don't know if he's just tryna get into my pants). I don't reciprocate the feelings tho.

Opinions anyone? I would really like to know


What Guys Said 1

  • Yes, because sex is not love.
    I flirt with so many girls, but the one that I really have feelings for is the one I do not flirt with.


What Girls Said 1

  • Yes it is very possible for him to be in love with one woman while fucking others especially if the woman he loves doesn't reciprocate his feelings or giving him any sex. I have an entire book full of guys who are married, love their wives and would never leave them but come to me for the sex they're not getting at home.