Advice for a first date?

I'm a senior in college, & this guy who goes to my uni caught my eye in May, then I didn't really think about him over summer but since mid-Sept, I see him around a bit more as we share one of our majors and we are in the same club and we have a few mutual friends but no one too close and I've asked around about him which he may have heard. Anyways I've tried to talk to him a little more, but the convos are not long at all because he is super awkward so things were slow and I was the one initiating.

On Fri. he messages me on FB boldy asking if I was the one who posted about him on this anon campus crushes page a bit ago which caught me off guard. It wasn't me but I had liked a comment he posted in response to it so I guess that's why he asked. I told him no, but i didn't disagree and that sparked more conversation for like 5 hours, during which he was asking me about myself, etc. and he kept the convo going despite a few potential ending points then when I didn't respond to something (convo fizzled, no good response) he messaged again suggesting we grab lunch/coffee one day, I said yes, and gave him my #. Today he messages to see if I can get coffee tomorrow before classes, I couldn't so we rescheduled to dinner on campus (not romantic or pressure) before our club meeting.

Anyways, I have intimacy issues and freak out when a guy likes me back, so I never usually follow through with dates and I've never been in a relationship and dinner will be the first time we talk in person for a longer period of time and with him actually making conversation with me so I am super nervous.

Any advice? He is a cute, nerdy, awkward type, which normally I talk to players so I am used to playing games or just one night stands so this is completely out of my comfort zone. I don't know what to talk about as I am sure I will have to lead the conversation or if i should let him pay (I know he has no money or a car which obviously is okay) or what


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  • Think of a first date as interview process, and you deciding whether on not you think this guy is boyfriend material. That really is your goal for the night to decide whether of not you want to move forward with him. Find out if you have chemistry, ask him some questions you think would be important to know about a future boyfriend, and try to have fun.

    If you don't like him let him down easy and move on with your life. If you do think you like him drop hints, make moves, be as OBVIOUS as possible while remaining in your confront zone. No need to rush the decision you have a couple dates to make up your mind.

    Just keep the purpose of the dates are to help help you make decision. And the interviewing process go both ways. Be yourself, but the best the version of yourself if that makes sense.


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  • Just be yourself. But make sure to ask him about himself as well. Try to also talk about the club you're in or something to keep the conversation going. Good luck!

  • Let him pay.