Im His 2nd choice?

I've known him for about a year now. & I've liked him since I first met him but he's just been wanting friends with benefits but these past couple of weeks he's changed. He knows i dont want friends with benefits. Just recently we met up twice after a year. and he's been being really flirty and in person he asked me about kids if i wanted them and we have a date coming up. But he told me that he had a thing for my ex-best friend and she turned him down and he's mad at her because she wasn't nice about it. But now I'm mad because i feel like the 2nd choice that's why he started talking to me more and wanting to hang out because she turned him down. But after he told me he said he still wanted to go out with me. And i asked if he still liked her and he said no he doesn't. What should i do? Give him a chance?


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  • You are only the second choice if he would ditch you to go out with her. The important question is: do you trust his answer when you asked if he still liked her?

    • I do. I just don't understand why he told me? It makes me angry he hitted on her, she says no and he comes to me?

    • How would you feel if he didn't tell you and you learned about it from someone else?

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  • You are not even one of his choices since he tried to hit on your ex best friend and she refused him. He's not even in a relationship with you. You shouldn't trust him.


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  • No and you were stupid to be fwb's with a guy that said he didn't want anything more. So my question is why did you fuck him? Did you think if you fucked him enough he'd love you? Boy were you wrong lol smh. The answer is no you're not even 2nd. He didn't want a relationship with you personally and he still doesn't. He just wants you to fuck him again

    • My legs were closed! I said no to his offer.

    • I'm glad you learned your lesson. That's something positive

  • There's always someone that a guy/girl wants more, would it bother you so much if the other girls wasn't your ex-friend?


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