Why would a guy do this? What's his motive?

There’s a guy I know that used to kind of treat me like crap when I had a crush on him. Over the summer he would be really mean to me, and as a way to work on myself and confidence, I used my heartbreak as motivation for me to lose weight, which in return caused me to lose 80 lbs. Well recently, after seeing I lost weight, this guy would stare at me, try to be nice to me, and talk to me but naturally, although I was polite, I was dry and straight to the point with him, and would brush him off.

Recently, I saw this guy at a party, and when he saw me, after me being dry to him after he tried talking to me, he ignored me completely and walked passed me (granted, I saw him check out my butt as he walked pass me), and 180'ed his treatment towards me again! But I noticed, at the party, he would purposely try to talk and flirt with a particular girl if he was in my eyesight or line of view - almost as if he was trying to make me jealous (?), and that throughout the party, he would constantly walk pass me or stand near me (it started to get pretty obvious) as if he was trying to get my attention and look at me (?).

Any ideas on why this guy is doing this and what's his motive? He has/had a girlfriend but I believe they have broken up. However, whenever the girlfriend sees me, she stares and constantly looks at me, which I also find kind of weird, especially since I've never spoken to her... I'm just confused with this entire situation in general and I need some insight.


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  • you answered your own question, dumbass


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  • He's probably trying to make his ex jealous. Its not personal to you. He's just making it clear that he is sexual attracted to you, but is willing to use you as a rebound also. The girl looked at you because she knew what he was trying to do. And was curious to see how you would react or respond to him. The best thing that you can do, is ignore him. Give him the cold shoulder and walk away. He's trying to also be dominate and make you want to lust after him back. Don't give him the attention, even if you notices that he is staring. Don't stare at him back. Just glance and keep it moving. And tell him to leave you alone.


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  • you clearly answered your own question maybe instead you should ask how to deal with this guy?

  • Forget him, he sounds like a w@nker.


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  • There is no motive. People sometimes stare. It happens.