Has he lost interest or possibly just busy, and should I wait for him to text me first?

I've recently meet this guy and gone on two dates with him, each time being great. the last date he kissed me, a few times, and cuddled me, as well as tell me how much he loves my smile, he thinks I'm cute, and he's never dated someone who does what I do (I'm a life model) etc etc. We spent two hours together, first having a coffee, and then walking around the lake near the cafe. I thought it went well. He even texted me a little later asking if the bbq I was at later that day was going well and if we had any rain during the get together (we've had a lot of rain in the past few months). I sent a reply and didn't hear back from him. Later that night I sent him another text saying goodnight and thanks for the coffee and that I really enjoyed spending time with him. He didn't reply. I haven't heard anything from him today, but I'm trying not to jump to conclusions. He said he had today off, so he could possibly be doing what he enjoys. I want to send him another text, but from previous experience, and a lot of reading, I've learnt that I may come across as needy if I send several texts without a reply. I don't want to give that impression. Should I just wait for him to text me, and does it mean anything bad that he hasn't texted me since yesterday afternoon, since other days he's sent me good morning and good night texts?


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  • You should wait for him to text you. if a guy likes you since you've went together for 2 dates, i'm pretty sure he will text you first or maybe all the time. If he doesn't he's probably losing interest or might be considering or thinking something that whether she's the right one. Give him sometime and if he still doesn't text you then you probably have to find someone that can treat you better. From my point of view, if i liked someone, i wouldn't ignore her message but instead replying her goodnights too unless he only seen that message on the next day.


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  • Only a possibility but he might not want to come off and needy either. You have texted a couple of times, so let him start the next one. I day or two doesn't matter, in fact a week is ok in the beginning.

    I would not text him again though unless it has been more that two weeks. If he doesn't answer that one give up on him.