Guys, what is the most effective way to handle this tricky situation?

So I've known this guy for a year and we started seeing each other in April but haven't had an exclusive chat or anything yet just that we really like each other. He's 27 and wanted to go on a an overseas trip on his own before he completely settles down. So he's overseas at the moment and get back next week

while he's been away he messaged me every few days, misses me and bought me a gift. I haven't had any concerns until this week just after his bday he has started flirting with a few girls on Facebook. I only saw one comment now in particular that has pissed me off but it was sent days ago and we spoke yesterday and was fine because I hadn't seen it.

Based on us not having an exclusive chat yet how do I handle it? Back off and be short until he says something or like the comment so he knows I've seen it? The comment was something about when he gets back he has a surprise up his sleeve for this girl.


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  • Dump him. He doesn't need to know why.

  • be best friends. nothing wrong with that, and communiation.

  • Easy- he knew you might and probably would see that, so isn't that into you.

    • Okay, he messaged me yesterday and we had a good chat so he would think I've seen it and haven't said anything. With you saying that maybe he doesn't care and that's al well in good but what do I do when he contacts me now? Do I like the comment and then back off so he knows why or what? That's what I'm unsure about

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    • I know I'm just so annoyed because that was said days ago but I didn't see it until now so it looks like it didn't bother

    • TRust me, guys like that are ten a penny. Get mad, sure, but keep it to yourself and find a decent guy with a bit more respect.