How can I lower my physical standards if they're unreasonably high?

I've dated attractive women and am not bad with women, but my physical standards are a bit unreasonable: I don't demand physical perfection but I always have competition from other guys (no big deal, I expect competition). Most women don't excite me a whole lot. Beautiful women normally have great personalities and they're often really warm hearted and intelligent and seem to give me more positive attention than less attractive women.

My standards seem a bit high though. How can I lower my physical standards, so I can have more options of dating material, without feeling like I'm compromising or settling?


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  • I don't think there is a way you can do that.


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  • You need to be happy with the appearance of your partner. Some people unfortunately can't get with someone unless they look like a supermodel.

    I suggest you work out, dress better, make more money, and take better care of your skin/hair so your standards can seem more reasonable.