I'm black. Going to a mostly white school. Dating question?

I'm a junior and next semester (January) I'll be going to a different high school. It's in the country. It's a mostly white school. It's probably about 80% white. I've never had a girlfriend before, so I want to start dating. The thing is, if it's a mostly white school do you think the girls would want to date a black guy? I've been called good looking, so I'm not ugly. I'm pretty funny. Thanks


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  • I mean as long as you're not going to the KKK school then I think you'll be okay. Like seriously don't worry too much about it.


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  • Wati until college

  • I am going to keep it 100% honest with you and I hope you are mature and wise enough to get what I'm saying.

    Here's the thing...
    For whatever reason, typically when there is one minority around a bunch of white people, sooner or later at least one white person will start making RACIST jokes or being racially offensive/racially insensitive in some sort of way. They'll try to call it a "race joke" when really what they are doing is getting a good laugh out of an ugly stereotype or outright mocking your people and the fact that they truly think it's funny and it brings them so much joy indicates that on some subconscious level, they probably are racist. I cannot count the number of times I have observed this throughout my life. I've watched it happen to a few black kids who insisted on having all white friends, an Asian guy, and several Hispanics. If you decide to start getting really close to a large amount of white people, you also have to get used to them expecting or demanding that your perspective of racism and your minority experience revolves around making them comfortable and making sure they feel like the good guy/girl. The honest truth is that I'm sure there will be white girls who may want to date you, but they will not be able to understand you, see eye to eye with you, and give you the racial support that you'll need whether you realize you'll need it or not. There's a shortage in conscious white people.

    I'd advise you to just focus on your studies, join an extra curricular activity maybe, and really be focused on where you want to go after high school instead of dating especially considering what your options are.

    • This is VERY interesting

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    • Just when I thought we were past this, I get on the internet and countless amounts of white people prove that hopefulness wrong. Back in the day, white women were lusting after the more physically fit, stronger, more masculine appearing slaves. After slavery, white women still couldn't help but be attracted to some very handsome black men (and the man was often lynched for it even if he didn't reciprocate the flirting). The point that I'm getting to is that blame male sexuality and black masculinity is hypersexualized so a lot of the white females who show you attention are subconsciously doing this and it will impact the depth and sense of pure connection in a relationship.

    • *black male sexuality

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  • i'm pretty sure there will be dating options for you. i went to a school that was only about 6% minorities. there were women of different races who were interested in me, including plenty of white people

  • How are your grades? Are you athletic? Can you cook? Can you play an instrument?

    • Wow, those questions...😅

    • I get good grades. I'm athletic but I don't care to play sports in HS. I don't play any instruments.

  • I think roughly speaking, what you'll see is some percentage of the girls are not open to interracial dating, and some percentage are. That's just how it is.